Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Challenge You... a Cake-off! This week, Miss Botts' Foods II students participated in JMR's 4th Cake Challenge.  Students decided to make this semester's theme, Mardi Gras.  On Prep. Day 1 students baked all of their cakes (limit of 3 boxes).  On Prep. Day 2, students had 60 minutes to do the following:
  • Prepare 5 lb. of frosting
  • Shape and build their cake structures
  • Frost and fondant their cakes
  • Decorate and present
As if that wasn't enough pressure to do in 60 minutes, Miss Botts was continuously giving updates every 5-10 minutes on how much time was left which made the students even more anxious, excited, and stressed. Here's an inside look at how the Cake Challenge went....

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